Home cooking just got steamier.

Bora X BO professional steam ovens.

Home cooking just got steamier

Bora X BO professional steam ovens

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Bora X BO

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Bora multi-drawer

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The Bora X BO oven at a glance.

Touch screen Operating modes WiFi updates No. of recipes Cold water feed
X BO 19" Steam / Air Fry Yes Required

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Can your oven do this?

The Bora X BO oven is nothing short of a technical masterpiece. From introducing steam or taking it away to cleaning itself just like a dishwasher.

19" Touch screen

The Bora X BO operates as easy as your smartphone. Just one touch away.

Add steam or take it away

Keeps your moists moist and your crisps crispy with +/- humidity functions.

Fresh air clear view

No more steam attacks! The X BO removes steam before the door is opened.

Self cleaning

Imagine if your oven cleaned itself like a dishwasher. The Bora X BO does.

More than just cooking.

Healthier cooking

Surrounding your cooking with water vapour helps to retain fresh taste as well as valuable vitamins and minerals.

30% quicker cooking

When cooking with the Bora X BO oven you can reduce both temperature and timings by 30% compared to standard ovens.

Odour removal

When opened you won’t smell a thing as the activated charcoal filter absorbs all odours, including intensive ones like fish.

Automatic shut-off

The unique four-point food thermometer helps determine when food is cooked to the optimum temperature and automatically stops cooking.

Even heat distribution

With three shelf levels, the BORA X BO evenly distributes warm air, meaning every shelf is cooked to perfection.

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The Bora X BO’s best friend, the multi-drawer.

Inseperable when together. The Bora multi-drawer is the perfect companion to the Bora X BO oven.

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