Bora Pure replacement filter (PUAKF)

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Compatible with Bora Pure, S Pure, M Pure and X Pure models

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Genuine Bora activated carbon charcoal filter

The BORA PUAKF activated charcoal filter effectively filters odours so you can cook in fresh air.

The Bora Pure PUAKF activated charcoal filter is compatible with the BORA Pure, X Pure, S Pure and M Pure.

Replace the activated charcoal filter after 150 operating hours or one year.

Effective odour filtration provides constant fresh air when cooking.

The filter can be simply replaced (eSwap) by removing it from above through the air inlet opening.

How to swap

Simply remove the air inlet nozzle, stainless steel grease filter and filter replacement flap. You can then use the strap on the activated carbon filter to easily twist it to the left and lift it out of the air inlet opening. The symbols printed on the new filter make it easy to insert.

Watch out for copycat products

We guarantee the validity of all Bora PUAKF replacement filters. Whilst copycat filters on the marketplace might look the same and cost less – they are not manufactured with the same high-quality activated carbon filter media. These filters will block sooner, may throw up error codes on the hob display and will void your warranty.

Even if you don’t purchase a Bora pure replacement filter from us, wherever you do purchase one, make sure it’s genuine.