Stunning Collection from Schüller

next125 Kitchens

next125 kitchen collection from Schüller

The ‘award winning’ next125 collection from Schüller is their new international premium range of German Kitchen’s that have been manufactured to the highest standard without compromising on craftsmanship and of course the superb eye-catching innovative design.

The focus of the next125 collection is quality, style and exceptional design. The collection uses the best mechanisms available, pull-out systems and innovative storage solutions. All the materials used are super high grade and always sustainably sourced.

You may wonder why Schuller named this collection next125? The clean-cut lines which come from the 125mm grid system is the reason. Using the grid system ensures our kitchen designs are sleek and elegant, exactly what customers are looking in a high quality German Kitchen. To solidify claims Schuller and the next125 collection are at the forefront of producing high quality design, you only need to look at the prizes they have accrued.

The Red Dot Design Award followed by the German Design Award are results of Schuller’s investment in the next125 collection. The “floating kitchen” and the development of Fenix, anti-slip fingerprint technology means that Schuller and next125 collection are at the forefront of kitchen trends. Using top-of-the-range, authentic materials and award winning manufacturing technology, this high-end premium German Kitchen collection will make you never want to leave your home.

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next125 Flex Boxes

Movable, extremely versatile and highly flexible – the next125 Flex-Boxes made from moulded nonwoven material. The material has a pleasant feel and softens the noises made by cutlery, kitchen utensils or china. Whether cutlery insert, plate rack or anti-slip mat, the Flex-Boxes can be combined individually. The material can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, wiped or washed in the dishwasher. The elements made from oak create an exciting material mix.

next125 Kitchens
next125 Kitchens

next125 Ceramic Front

The next125 ceramic front is unrivalled in design. The ceramic panel is supported by a frame construction manufactured to a very high standard, the back of which forms an aluminium-coloured support frame. A solid aluminium edge encloses the panel on all four sides, protecting the slim ceramic sides and underlining the minimalist design. The rear of the front is finished with an infill panel. Ceramic is a high-density material that is also a popular choice for use in laboratory equipment on account of its resistance and hardness. The frame for ceramic and glass is now also available in onyx black.

next125 Carcase Height 87.5cm

Our new innovation, the 87.5cm carcase offers additional storage space. The added height reduces the plinth to 50mm creating a floating look.

This added height increases the linear appearance of the kitchen cabinetry.

next125 Kitchens
next125 Kitchens

next125 Cooking Table

The free-standing statement at the heart of the kitchen: the award-winning cooking table from next125. Its inclined legs create a purist eye-catcher and elegant workstation.

The hob disappears flush into the clear surface, thus allowing the clean lines to be shown to their best advantage.

next125 Panel Garden

The recess system makes an elegant statement with the next125 cube and panel garden. Ideal from growing herbs or displaying seasonal flowers.

The concept of an open, modern kitchen involves guests in everything that's going on and creates a mood conducive to communication.

next125 Kitchens
next125 Kitchens

next125 Wall-Mounted

Adding lightness to the kitchen – the idea of floating. This impressed a wide variety of juries: next125 mounted on wall opens new design horizons and provides individualists unprecedented freedom in kitchen planning.

next125 Cube

Everything in its place: cube adds new space to the principle of order – as an expression of consummate aesthetics.

The motto of the modular cube elements is ordered, enclosed, tidy. A fascinating system that has won several awards since 2009.

next125 Kitchens

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