Identifying Your Kitchen Style

Styles of Kitchen Design

At Inspired Design Kitchens, we’re proud to supply two great ranges of kitchen:
‘Schuller’ and ‘Next125’.

Both have a vast array of styles and finishes to choose from. It can be tricky choosing kitchen designs, so we recommend identifying the style of kitchen you desire as a starting point.
The two main defined styles of kitchen are ‘Traditional’ and ‘Contemporary’.


Traditional style kitchens are inspired by 18th and 19th century designs. They are defined by their intriguing details, character and charm alongside being practical and functional.

Doors of a traditional kitchen are constructed with a panelling, in-frame format, finished with a handle of choice. This creates a symmetrical look across the units expressing the feel of timeless design. Schullers’ traditional range consists of nine different styles of panelling, each creating an authentic traditional finish. The different configurations of traditional finishes and innovative features at Inspired Design Kitchens are infinite.

next125 Kitchens

An example of a traditional style kitchen

There is an argument that the traditional style of kitchen cabinetry is outdated. This needn’t be the case because all our kitchen styles are tailor made to fit your needs and desires. Combining various traditional styles such as Shaker, Country and Farmhouse can create a truly unique but traditional look.


‘Discover a new side…. venture into the unconventional…. be prepared for a surprise’

Contemporary style is about being innovative. The demand for contemporary kitchens is increasingly on the rise. 

Contemporary style is all about combining finishes and textures to create a striking, minimalistic appearance. We are seeing more and more want for trends of dark or black tones in the cabinetry accompanied by fresh white countertops and smooth stainless-steel appliances more frequently in our contemporary designs. Contemporary style kitchens typically incorporate innovative design elements such as soft close drawers and pocket doors to enhance the overall streamline effect.

Next125 have many contemporary units within their range. There are many designs that aid open plan living, turning kitchens in to an artistic statement and a multi-functional space, as well as being the heart and soul of your home.

next125 Kitchens

 An example of a typical contemporary style kitchen by Next125

One of the most important factors of contemporary kitchens is the need to ensure the space flows throughout, as the style is becoming ever more popular within multi functioning spaces. 

There are many, many different designs which fit into Traditional and Contemporary styles. A little bit of research into the individual kitchen elements you like will help define the style you’re looking for.  As ever, Inspired Kitchen Designs are always on hand to assist and advise you, whatever your size and space, whatever your budget and whatever your chosen kitchen style.

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